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Thoughts on Samuel Clarke’s 55 Theses, Part 2: Theses 16-30

Samuel Clarke’s 55 Theses, Part 2: Theses 16-30

Thoughts On Samuel Clarke’s 55 Theses, Part 1: Theses 1-15

Samuel Clarke’s 55 Theses, Part 1: Theses 1-15

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Equivocation Over the Term “Person”

Aphrahat of Assyria On the One God Being the Person of the Father in Particular

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Demonstration From Scripture that the One God is the Father in Particular

Ignatius of Antioch on the One God Being the Person of the Father in Particular

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The Grievous Error of the Fourth Lateran Council

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Semi-modalism: A Study in the Bizarre

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Highlights from Cyril of Jerusalem

Contrasting Irenaeus and Augustine on the Identity of the One God

Contrasting Augustine and Cyril of Jerusalem on the Identity of the One God

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