Throughout history Christian belief in classical trinitarianism as taught by the scriptures has been summed up in various creeds and confessions. Below are some of the most notable examples:

Ancient Baptismal Creed of Jerusalem

Ancient Baptismal Creed of Rome

Creed of Antioch of 325

Creed of Serdica of 343

Creed of Sirmium of 351

Creed of Thrace 359

Creed of Sirmium 359

Homoian Creed

Creed of Ulfilas

Samuel Clarke’s 55 Theses



Commentary on the Pseudo-Athanasian Creed

Commentary on the Creed of Ulfilas



Thoughts and Questions on the Councils of Arminium and Seleucia

Questions on the Pseudo-Athanasian Creed