Article I. I believe that there is one Most High God, Creator of heaven and earth, and first Cause of all things pertaining to our salvation, and consequently the ultimate object of our faith and worship; and that this God is none but the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, the first person of the holy trinity.

Article II. I believe that there is one chief Son of the most High God, or spiritual, heavenly, and perpetual Lord and King, set over the church of God, and second cause of all things pertaining to our salvation, and consequently, the intermediate object of our faith and worship: and this Son of the Most High God is none but Jesus Christ, the second person of the Holy Trinity.

Article III. I believe that Jesus Christ, to the intent that he might be our brother, and have a fellow-feeling of our infirmities, and so become the more ready to help us (the consideration whereof is the greatest encouragement to piety that can be imagined), hath no other than a human nature, and therefore in this very nature is not only a person (since none but a human person can be our brother), but also our Lord, yea our God.

Article IV. Whence, though he be our God, by reason of his divine sovereignty over us, and worship due to such sovereignty, yet is he not the Most High God, the same with the Father, but subordinate to Him.

Article V. Again, though he be a God subordinate to the Most High God, as having received his godhood, and whatsoever he hath, from the Father; yet may not anyone thence rightly infer, that by this account there will be another God, or two Gods? For though we may, with allowance of the scripture, say, that there are many Gods, yet neither will the scripture, nor the things itself permit us to say, that there is another God, or two Gods: because when a word in its own nature common to many, hath been appropriated, and ascribed to one by way of excellency, (as that of God hath been to the Father:) albeit this does not hinder us from saying, that there are many of that name; yet it doth from saying, that there is another, or two, since that would be all one as if we should say, that there is another, or two most excellent, (which is absurd:) for when two are segregated in this manner out of many, they claim excellency to themselves alike. Thus though some faithful man be a son of God, subordinate to the chief Son of God Christ Jesus, yet we may not thereupon say, that there is another Son of God, or two Sons of God (since that would be to make another, or two Sons of God by way of excellency, whereas there can be but one such Son) howbeit otherwise the scripture warrants us to say, that there are many Sons of God.

Article VI. I believe that there is one principle minister of God and Christ, peculiarly sent from heaven to sanctify the church, who, by reason of his eminency and intimacy with God, is singled out of the number of the other heavenly ministers of angels, and comprised in the holy trinity, being the third person thereof; and that this minister of God and Christ is the Holy Spirit.